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Privacy Policy

Cookies on the website

Purpose and legal basis for the creation of cookies

Just like many other websites, this one uses cookies to help improve the website user experience and ensure flawless operation of the site. Please see the cookies table for more information on the purposes of cookie files.

When a user visits this website, a notification window is displayed to inform the user that the website uses cookies. If you accept and allow the creation of cookies, the user’s consent will be deemed a sufficient legal basis for the use of cookies, and thus you confirm that you have familiarised yourself with the information on cookies, the purposes of usage thereof and instances that imply the transfer of data to third parties.

The Personal Data Protection Officer is the Data Protection and Information Technology Security Centre of the Riga City Council, legal address: 5 Krišjāņa Valdemāra Street, Riga, LV-1010, e-mail dac@riga.lv

Information about cookies

You have opened our website using a browser, for example, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, Opera or another.

The term “cookies” is used to define information obtained and stored by this browser when you use our website. Next time you visit our website, the browser will “remember” your actions and do some of these on its own, e.g., it may select the site language and control whether the cookie notification window is displayed again. Cookies enable a website to save the individual browser settings of a website user, recognise these and react accordingly.

Each browser is different, so we suggest you read more about cookie settings in the Cookie Control and User Manual, using the link provided below. The operating system of your device may feature additional cookie control functions. If you do not want cookies to collect any information, you can disable any further use of cookies in your browser settings. To learn more on how to manage cookies, please visit http://www.allaboutcookies.org/manage-cookies/.

Types of cookies

There are two types of cookies – session cookies, also known as strictly necessary cookies, and persistent cookies. Cookies can also be grouped into first-party or third party cookies. All the specified terms and concepts are described below in order to give you a better idea of the essence of cookies and what we use these for.

Session, or strictly necessary cookies 

Session cookies, also known as strictly necessary cookies, allow identifying the browser and your device, the Internet protocol (IP) address assigned to your device when you visit a specific site, remembering an changes or choices at a specific website, so that these could also be used in other section of the website, e. g., to grant you access to restricted website sections upon successful authorisation until you perform a valid Logout. These cookies allow fast and easy use of multiple sections of a single website, without having to perform the authorisation procedure in order to visit every secure section of the site. Session cookies are not permanent – these are disabled as soon as you close the browser that you used to browse the website, or terminate your session at a specific website.

Persistent cookie files 

Persistent cookies are cookie files saved on your device that you use to browse the website for a specific pre-defined time, which is deemed to start upon termination of the website browsing session. Saved cookies allow the usage of a user’s settings or actions at the site each time you visit this website.

First-party cookies 

First-part cookies are cookie files created by our website. These can be recognised by the domain name of our site.

Third-party cookies 

Third-party cookies are created by websites other than our own. Domain names of these websites are different from our site’s domain. Third-party cookies can also be saved on your device that you use to browse our website.

List of cookies used on our website www.vefkp.lv

vefkp.lv _fbp Third-party cookie(Facebook) Marketing/Tracking
to store and track visits across websites
3 months
vefkp.lv __gid Third-party cookie Used to distinguish users                             24 hours
vefkp.lv _ga Third-party cookie Used to distinguish users 2 years
vefkp.lv ca First – party cookie A session cookie that records a visitors session  3 hours
vefkp.lv cookies_accepted First – party cookie This cookie identifies that Cookie Policy has been accepted by user 2 months
vefkp.lv _gat_gtag_UA_109507771_1 First – party cookie Used to limit the amount of data recorded by Google on high traffic volume websites 1 hour


Information regarding a person’s consent to generation of cookies

Our website uses technical means to save information (IP address, date, time, etc.) regarding your consent to generation of the website’s cookie files on your device, as well as information (IP address, date, time, etc.) on revocation of your consent to generation of the website’s cookie files on your device.

Revocation of a person’s content and restriction of cookie usage

You can change your cookie preferences at any time in the Internet browser of your device. For instance, you can revoke your consent to saving cookies by enabling an option within your browser that allows rejecting all cookie saving proposals. You can finds these settings in the “Options” or “Preferences” menu of your Internet browser. You can see the Internet browser homepages listed below for more information on how to configure the Internet browser on your own device:

  • Chrome: Google Chrome Help Center
  • Firefox: Cookies – Information that websites store on your computer
  • Safari: Safari for macOS Sierra: Manage cookies and website data using Safari
  • Edge: Microsoft Edge, browsing data, and privacy
  • Opera: Security and Privacy in Opera (Referrals, redirections, and cookies)